Wall Mount Umbrella

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Shelta’s hybrid wall mount design is the ideal solution for most balconies, decks, and narrow spaces. Mounts directly to the wall, no pole or base required. Once installed, the Wall Mount can be repositioned to the left or right along the track to desired position. Easy to push up and lock into place; no cranks, cords or pulleys. Covered in durable O’bravia™ canopy. Includes Mounting Track and Protective Cover.


Mounting Track Included.

It requires (4) 3/8” x 3” log bolts and washes (to be purchased) for mounting on wood frame walls with wood, vinyl, stucco or aluminium. For mounting on masonry, brick or concrete walls, (4) 3/8” x 3” screw anchors and washers (to be purchased).

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Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 240 × 260 × 21 cm