What exactly does Bargain Buy offer online?

Bargain Buy is specifically an online clearance site sourcing a range of whitegoods, furniture. Electronics, outdoor and much more. The aim to to have prices well below retail as we deal direct with suppliers. Wholesaler and retailers and other vendors of sale, to move unwanted stock.

How does it work and how is it different from other sites?

You simply buy online, select your transport provider and products are shipped directly you you. Our point of difference is that we source all our products through third parties and in turn, allow products not generally available online to be sold at the best possible price.

Do you offer warrantis and return shipping options as well?

Yes and no. As we deal with damaged, superceded line items some of the products we display will not be covered by warranties or allow for returns. This condition will be clearly displayed with the item. If your product is damaged via shipping there are insurance provsions that will allow for refunds. Please viee our shipping and returns policy to better understand this requirement www.bargainbuy.com.au/shipping-returns

Can we inspect items?

Short answer is yes but this is dependant on the vendor of sale and the location of the listed items. This requirement will also be displayed on the item once listed on the site.

Can anybody list an items on www.bargainbuy.com.au?

Yes and no. You can list an item if you are a registered business with an ABN and have been pre-approved by our management. You cannot privately list products on our website.

Is there a formula you use that determines whether a product qualifies as a bargain?

We do not use a formula we assess each product on it’s merits and capacity to sell.