Bargain Buy is specifically an online clearance site sourcing a range of whitegoods, furniture. electronics, outdoor and much more. The aim to to have prices well below retail as we deal direct with a range of suppliers includingwholesalers, importers, retailers and other merchants, to move unwanted stock.

You simply buy online, select your transport provider and products are shipped directly you you. Our point of difference is that we source all our products through third parties and in turn, allow products to be purchased from variable sources, at the best possible price. Furthemore, we will have technologies and initiatives based on new technologies to create furtjer scope to access bargains.

Yes and no. As we deal with damaged, superceded, out of season line items some of the products we display will not be covered by warranties or allow for returns. This condition will be clearly displayed with the item and If your product is damaged via shipping there are insurance provsions that will allow for refunds. Please viewe our shipping and returns policy to better understand this requirement

Short answer is yes but this is dependant on the vendor of sale and the location of the listed items. This requirement will also be displayed on the item once listed on the site. Please also enquire prior to any purchase should you require a physical inspection and or more detailed information about the products.

Yes and no. You can list an item if you are a registered business with an ABN and have been pre-approved by our management team. You cannot privately list products on our website as we purely and B2C online business platform. Please contact us should you require more information on our listing criteria.

We do not use a formula we assess each producton their merits and capacity to be determined a Bargain Buy. All dustributirs are also assessed prior to products being listed.

At this stage we do not have any features or incentive programs, that allow for furtjer discounts. As we are a relatively new business, this process will evolve as the business becomes more seasoned. If you do want to buy multiple products please contact us directly on and we can discuss further discount options, on an individual basis. Furthermore, we can also direct you to our vendors for furtjer direct discount options.

At this stage we do not have this feature or function available, but we are working on it as part of our growing platform.

This online business platfrom is owned by a small business trading entity Options Media Group Pty Ltd. We have been in the print and online business for over 15 years now and have other online assets.

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